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Saiya 100% Natural Mineral Makeup

100% Natural Mineral Make-upSaiya Makeup is new mineral makeup brand and Keisuke Salon has their full range of mineral powders, makeup brushes and organic skin care.

Launched in 2013 Saiya bring a completely natural approach to makeup with their powders that are 100% natural minerals without any additives whatsoever. Unlike many high street brands they don’t add any fillers, talcs, perfumes or dyes. Their makeup brushes are some of the softest synthetic brushes available and they also have some world famous Kumano brushes which are hand made in Japan.

A natural organic skin care range is also available which is paraben and sulphate free, using mainly essential oils for a more natural product. The entire makeup range is also vegan friendly and registered with The Vegan Society.more details

Mini Makeup Makeover

Saiya Makeup Makeover

Keisuke salon clients can take advantage of our mini makeover offer. For just £12 we will give you a Saiya Makeover with tuition explaining how to apply natural minerals and finding the best shade for your skin tone.

We’ll also give you a starter kit with free samples and you’ll be able to save 25% on any makeup you purchase at the end of your makeover.more details

What can you expect from a Japanese hair salon?

The Japanese don’t need any introduction to a traditional Japanese hair salon. That’s why they choose Keisuke hair artists from far and wide for a hair cut.

We only have qualified Japanese hairdressers at Keisuke. We can offer you all the usual hair services from Japanese hair straightening, cut, colour, hi & lo lights and perms.

We are a very busy salon and you’ll need to book in advance for our services.

Waiting times are currently up to 4 weeks

What about English, Asian, Chinese and other orientals?

From the moment you enter our Japanese salon, you’ll be greeted with the traditional Japanese hospitality, famous for their utmost politeness. What’s more, they fully understand how to successfully cut thick hair, something not all hairdressers appreciate.

The differences don’t stop there. Everyone at Keisuke’s salon enjoys a completely relaxed hair service. Some clients liken it to a mini spa experience. Perhaps it’s the neck and shoulder massage your hairdresser gives you at the end of your hair cut. Or maybe the traditional Japanese green tea you sip whilst receiving your new hair colour. Perhaps the nice refreshing hot aromatherapy towel the guys receive to revive themselves.

We all, hairdressers and reception team, like to think your experience at our Japanese hair salon from start to finish is what makes us stand out – and that’s why you keep returning to us time after time.



Currently our waiting time for appointments, especially weekends & evenings, is around 6 weeks. Please accept our apologies for any disappointment this may cause you.