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£100 deposit is required for all Japanese Straightening Services

We use either L’Oreal x-tenso Moisturist or Wella Straighten It which are chemical thermal reconditioning systems that contain ‘ammonium thioglycolate’. This chemical is what’s responsible to either add or remove curl from the hair. The end result is that you achieve softer, manageable straighter hair that still remains versatile in that you can choose, by how you blow-dry, to have a straight day or a natural day! Our range of these 2 products means we can decide on the best one of 5 strengths to use based on the type of hair you currently have.

The science to straight hair

Permanent hair straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning, is an intense procedure based around the chemical ‘thyoglycolate’ which molecularly changes the hair allowing us to reform hair from curls and waves to silky and straight. In the salon we are well accomplished at being able transform your curly hair into more manageable straight hair using this Japanese technology.

The procedure will likely last 4 hours and you should certainly do some homework before deciding if, when and where you would like to have it done. Choosing the right stylist who is experienced in thermal reconditioning on different types of hair should be your number one priority.

Long lasting silky smooth straight shiny hair

If you have curly, wavy or frizzy hair a Japanese Hair Straightening service can transform it into smooth, straight silky hair that requires much less time and effort drying and styling at home. And with our 2 straightening services your hair can stay straight for up to 6 months.

Choose from a Super Permanent Hair Straightening which is our most popular longer lasting straight service or our Standard Hair Relaxer that simply relaxes curls and waves to a natural look.

We have a booking policy for our Japanese hair straightening and there is a waiting list for appointments. Please accept our apologies for any disappointment.

Super Permanent Hair Straightening

This is our original permanent hair straightening system that changes your hair structure into a straight finish that is long lasting for up to 6 months. Gone are the days where you’ll need to spend time with the straightening irons after each wash – this really is a wash, dry and go routine that will save you so much time every morning.

Curly to straight in 4 steps

  • A cream solution of thyoglycolate is used to soften the bonds of the hair structure which allows us to manipulate the weakened hair.
  • Hot flat irons are used to rearrange the hair proteins. This oxidation process is where the magic happens and we can tame those curls to straight.
  • A neutralizing solution then reforms the chemical bonds back together in their new straightened shape.
  • Lastly another session with the hot irons helps seal in the new look and leaves your hair smooth, and straight!
We include a treatment process, haircut and blow-dry with your straightening service.


if you are returning back to us within 9 months for a touch-up on your new hair growth


if we haven’t performed the procedure on you within the last 9 months


if you have long hair
Extra Long/Extra Curly +£50

Hair Relaxer

Our standard hair straightening system is great for girls that wish to tame their curls into a more natural straight look, reducing volume as well as styling time with the dryer at home.

This is is also great for guys that want to be able to get rid of their curls and waves but still be able to style their hair into fashionable styles that don’t look poker straight.

The stage process is similar to our Super Straightening except we don’t use hot irons during the procedure. This is known as a ‘cold’ system and lasts for around 3 months rather than 6 months.

We include a treatment process, haircut and blow-dry with your relaxing service.


if you are returning back to us within 9 months for a touch-up on your new hair growth


if we haven’t performed the procedure on you within the last 9 months


if you have long hair
Extra Long +£50

Read our tips on Japanese Hair Straightening

What about after-care?

This is so important you get right from leaving the salon if you want a good long lasting result. After we’ve done our bit in the salon your hair is still weakened and will take a few days to recover back to health. Here’s our suggestions:

  • Don’t wash your hair for 72 hrs after the treatment
  • Don’t tie your hair back, use clips/pins, wear pony tails or tuck your hair behind your ears for the first 7 days
  • Keep brushing to a minimum and be very gentle for the first 3 days
  • No stressing the hair – stay away from the gym for 3 days
  • Invest in a quality professional shampoo & conditioner and certainly no sulphur based ones (anti-dandruff)

The way you treat your hair in these first few days really does make a difference. A straightening system alters your hair permanently from the inside and needs care and compassion to get back to health. Use some extra conditioners or masks in the first couple of weeks to help protect yourself from the elements and you should find your new hair texture lasting a long time.

Is my hair suitable for straightening?

Lets begin by saying that virgin hair that’s never been bleached, coloured, hi-lighted or permed is the best candidate for Japanese Straightening.

Now we know, there’s not many girls out there who haven’t tried at least one, if not all, of these on their hair. What you need to realise is the finished result will be affected by any of your previous treatments and the tighter the natural curl, the less effective the end result. So, corkscrew or afro style hair isn’t suitable for straightening. Bleached hair is also too damaged to be able to expect any real results from a straightening system.

Tinted or coloured hair can be straightened much more effectively than hi-lighted hair. With hi-lights you end up with a few damaged strands next to healthier hair, and this makes for a complicated process where the natural hair appears differently straightened to the hi-lights.

That said we can give you our expert opinion on what will and won’t work for your hair condition if we see you in advance of your appointment.

How does the Yuko system compare?

Yuko straightening system is based around the same technology as L’oreal X tenso and Wellastrate using similar chemicals. Yuko is a brand just like any other system (including ours) and you might say they invented the Japanese Straightening System. Consequently you’ll probably find that salons offering Yuko can sometimes charge double or even triple our prices. Experience has shown us that Yuko hair can tend to be so poker straight there’s not much chance of further styling other than dead straight if you fancied a change one day. They tend to be a little more strict regarding the aftercare of what you can and can’t do over our system too.

Super straightening or standard relaxer?

Our Super Straightening system is by far the most popular, longer lasting and most effective system for Japanese Straightening. It’s known as a “hot” thermal re-bonding technique because we use hot flat irons during the process to really alter the hair structure, reform it to straight then seal it all together. This system will last anything up to six months so you will usually find that your regrowth will appear before the rest of the straightened hair has grown out. If you want to keep your straight hair, this is the stage you’ll be looking at getting another session.

We also offer a Standard Straightening system which is a “cold” version as we don’t use any hot irons during this process. You might say this is older technology but we still perform these techniques because not everyone needs or wants a super straight finish. This is more suitable for those of you that may simply have a natural wave or curls you simply would like relaxing rather than straightening. Also guys might want to tame their hair without it being so straight it sits flat to their head.