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Stylist Director
inc. shampoo, blow-dry & shoulder massage £31 £38 hair-upgrade
with straight irons / tongs or rollers £40 £47
long hair charge +£5 +£5
Fringe £5 £5
inc. shampoo, blow-dry & shoulder massage £26 £33
with scalp massage & tonic £33 £40
under 11 yrs £13 n/a
Girls 12-14 yrs £23 n/a
Boys 12-14 yrs £19 n/a

New clients will require a (free) consultation before making an appointment. Sorry, but we don’t currently take appointments for Saturdays.
Short Hair Straightening Short Hair Straightening
Super Permanent Straightening
Stylist Director
Whole Head £195 £215
Short Hair / Re-Growth £165 £185
Fringe £95 £115
Standard Relaxer
Whole Head £155 £175
Short Hair / Re-Growth £120 £140
Fringe £65 £85

Stylist Director
Colour / Tint
Stylist Director
Permanent or Semi
Whole Head from £98 £112 Whole Head from £88 £103
½ Head from £86 £99 Roots £78 £95
Up to 10 foils £50 £69 Point Area – up to 20% discount from full price - -
long hair charge +£20 +£20 long hair charge +£20 +£20
without hair cut -£10 -£10 without hair cut -£10 -£10
mens colour discount -£10 -£10
Organic Colour
Whole Head from £70 £85 Whole Head from £95 £110
½ Head from £50 £65 Roots £85 £100
¼ Head or less £45 £60 Point Area – up to 20% discount from full price - -
without hair cut -£10 -£10 long hair charge +£20 +£20

Stylist Director
Stylist Director
Whole Head from £84 £98 Moisturising £8 £8
½ Head from £72 £86 Intensive £15 £15
Up to 5 Rollers £48 £66 long hair charge +£5 +£5
long hair charge +£15 +£15 Quick Treatment Mask
without hair cut -£10 -£10 great with hair cuts & blow-drys £4 £4

Our perms are traditional cold process and include your hair cut, blow-dry and of course our Japanese neck & shoulder massage!

Scalp Treatment
15 min service with head massage £7 £7
without any other hair service +£9 +£9

Stylist Director
Stylist Director
Shampoo Blow Dry £17 £22 Full Makeup £45 from £45
with straight irons / tongs or rollers £28 £33 Eyes & Lips £20 £25
long hair charge +£5 +£5 Lips £17 £22
Eyebrow Shape (with scissors) £6 £9

Inclusive Pricing

All our prices are fully inclusive with the exception of long hair charges (for tints, perms & blow-drys) which are charged separate if your hair goes below the collar bone area. Our cuts include your blow-dry as standard – not separate like some salons. If you take one of our colours, hi-lights or perms they include the cut & blow-dry as well, and our Japanese Straightening includes the cut, treatment process and blow-dry. And don’t forget the traditional Japanese shoulder massage – given to all adults booking a cut, colour, perm or straightening service.

Booking Policy

Appointments are necessary for any service and we have a booking policy for some of our services at Keisuke Salon which we try to keep to a minimum. We don’t like booking policies, and we’ve resisted having them for over 15 years, so for now a deposit applies to our Japanese Hair Straightening.

If you wish to book for our Straightening System and you aren’t already a regular member of our salon, or have never visited us before, we will take a deposit of £40 at the time of booking. If you are booking by telephone we will take this charge by credit/debit card and if you book in person you have the option of cash or card. This deposit will be refundable if you need to cancel your appointment providing we receive 2 salon days notice. Salon days mean if you are cancelling a Wednesday booking for example, you need to tell us by the Saturday before as we close on Monday & Tuesday.

If you can’t give us enough notice, or don’t turn up for your appointment on time, this deposit will not be refunded and you will need to pay a second deposit should you wish to reschedule in these circumstances.

There is unfortunately a waiting period for our Japanese Straightening, sometimes up to 8 weeks in exceptional circumstances, and we currently only accept bookings on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & Sundays. We hope this doesn’t cause too much disappointment.

Late Arrivals

We will try to accommodate you if you are delayed in arriving for your appointment but this may not be always possible. When you book with us we allocate a fixed amount of time for your appointment depending which service you have booked. If another client has booked a slot after yours then we don’t like to delay them if they are arriving on time. We may offer you a reduced service depending how late you are, for example one less shampoo or no blow dry. As a general guide, if we are busy, any lateness of more than 10 minutes may mean you won’t be able to receive our service.