Booking/Cancellation Policy

When you call for your appointment we’ll reserve a set period of time with a stylist for you based on your telephone conversation. Things like which menu you have chosen or whether we’ve seen you before to help us allocate enough time for you.


If you can’t make the appointment then out of courtesy, a quick phone call to let us know you’re not coming is appreciated. We always have a standby list of other clients waiting so we can offer your space to someone else in these cases.

If you have paid a deposit for your appointment then 72 hours notice is required for your cancellation (7 days for hair straightening) otherwise your deposit is non-refundable.


If you know you won’t make your appointment time then please call and let us know. We can then advise you of your stylists current diary space and whether they have another client booked straight after you. In some cases we may have someone waiting and if we haven’t heard from you we may offer them your space instead.

As a general guide if we are fully booked then lateness of 10 minutes or more would mean we aren’t able to see you and another reservation would be required.


Our hair straightening service requires a £100 deposit at the time of booking with the balance payable on your appointment day for all clients.

Longer services like colours & perms require a £40 deposit for new clients.

If your membership records have any ‘no-show’ appointments we require you to pay a £20 deposit in advance for any appointment.

In all cases these deposits are refundable providing we receive 72 hours notice (7 days for hair straightening). If you arrive too late for an appointment or can’t give the required notice then your deposit will be forfeited.

Cut & Blow£36Hot Irons +£8
Restyle & Blow£43
Fringe Cut£10
COLOURS (including hair cut & blow-dry)
All Over£100Organic Colour + £10
Without Hair Cut -£10
**up to 5cm re-growth
*below collar bone
All Over Long Hair*£125
FOIL HI-LIGHTS (including hair cut & blow-dry)
All Over£115Without Hair Cut -£10
*below collar bone
All Over Long*£135
½ Head£93
up to 10 Foils£57
PERM (including hair cut & blow-dry)
Whole Head£89Without Hair Cut -£10
*below collar bone
Whole Head Long*£110
½ Head£75
up to 5 Rollers£50
Shampoo Blow Dry£18
Shampoo Blow Dry Long£26
Shampoo & Rollers£25
Shampoo & Irons£32
Shampoo & Irons Long£40
Hair Up Styles£45
- with other service+£30
Make Up£35
- with other service+£25
Cut & Blow£30
Cut & Scalp Massage£37
All Over£70Without Hair Cut -£10
Whole Head£89Without Hair Cut -£10
½ Head£75
up to 5 Rollers£50
Up to 11 years£15
Boys 12-14 years£23
Girls 12-14 years£29
Returning after 9 mths
Long Hair
Without Hair Cut -£10
Extra Curly + £50
Extra Long +£50
(within 9 mths)

Japanese hair straightening is a long procedure so your appointment will likely last 4 to 5 hours. If we haven’t performed the procedure on you within the past 9 months you will pay our ‘return’ fee.

If you return for a touch-up procedure within 9 months you will pay our ‘touch-up’ fee. We perform the procedure on your new growth, blending in to match the rest of your hair but if you wait longer than 9 months then our regular ‘return’ fee will apply.

We require a £100 deposit in order to book your appointment which we will take at your consultation. This is refundable if you need to cancel providing we receive 7 days notice.

Results for the Japanese hair straightening system will vary according to your natural hair type, it’s health condition and any previous treatments you have performed. Our stylists will give you their honest opinion on how your hair will react to the system but unfortunately we can’t guarantee the end result.

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