Keisuke @Northfields


These are my confirmed dates when I will be visiting London.

Spaces are extremely limited as I only attend London for 10 days per month.

  • 99% FULL

  • 93% FULL

  • 10% FULL

Tue 04FULLTue 02FULL
Tue 302 Spaces
Wed 05FULL
Wed 031 SpaceWed 31Open
Thu 06FULLThu 04FULLThu 01Open
Fri 07FULLFri 05FULLFri 021 Space
Tue 18FULLTue 16FULLTue 13TBA
Wed 19FULLWed 173 SpacesWed 14TBA
Thu 202 SpacesThu 183 SpacesThu 15TBA
Fri 21FULLFri 19FULLFri 16TBA


I'm creating amazing haircuts inside another salon and accepting just my regular clients to join me there.
Please remember I’m only seeing my existing members who’ve visited me on a regular basis.
I’m not taking any new clients and if you are previously a client of Hiro or Junko then please contact them directly for your own appointment.

Advance Bookings Only

Visit me inside "Licence To Cut"

318 Northfield Avenue, Northfields W5 4UB

03302 234228 (Local Rate)

Please only make your booking directly with me, not with the salon.

Hiro & Junko

Where they are now!

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