Coronavirus Update

Tue 14 Jul 2020

Thank you to everyone I managed to meet in the first week of re-opening. It was great to see you all again if somewhat environmentally different. I apologise for making you all wear those vinyl gowns! The PPE I have to wear is very uncomfortable and restricting 🙁

I have announced further dates on the site. Already my second visit is fully booked so thank you everyone again. My third visit in August is provisional until I can secure train tickets but please show me your interest. Already I’ve held over 50% of spaces.

Sun 28 Jun 2020

I’m resuming appointments from Tuesday 7th July.

Bookings being taken now for my members but I can only schedule a week in advance. This is because the train timetables are still under temporary schedules. Contact me in the usual way to make your booking.

Tue 09 Jun 2020

The recent advice is that salons will be able to resume from early July. I hope to be able to update you all further this month.

There are a few logistics I need to figure out. Train travel to and from Yorkshire, hotel accommodation in London and preparation of the salon.

I’m looking forward to contacting you all again once I have further news.

Tue 24 Mar 2020

The latest government announcement has strictly halted any further bookings to take place.

There was a hint that this could be reviewed in three weeks time. But I don’t envisage the hairdressers restriction can be lifted as we are unable to keep the two meter distance.

In case this changes though I will of course be following the stated guidelines. This is after all my income but we all have to follow the guidance at the time.

I’m sorry to cancel the appointments I have with you all. Of course we all need to protect ourselves and our families. The more social distance we practice now, today, will have an impact on how soon life can resume again.

Please stay safe, follow the advice and take care of yourselves.